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Read the three descriptions below, find the perfect fit for your friend and then fill out the short form associated to the product with your best friend’s name and address. We’ll take care of the rest!

The Bohemian

The Bohemian is always out to see the world, but never forgets to spend time with you and take you on crazy adventures. She’s free like a bird and can be found at the trendiest new music festival or coffee shop. She’s the one friend that brings you out of your shell and makes you discover new ideas, cultures, and activites.

That’s why she needs Satin Single Eyeshadow - Gleam to fit her shining personality to fit her shining personality.

The Bestie

The friend with too much love to give! She’s always there when you need her, through the worst and the best. The bestie is the one friend you can always count on no matter what and trust with anything. She’s the kind of friend that knows everything about you, from your darkest secrets to your favourite cheesy movie. Spending time with her is always the best because you can have crazy fun no matter what you do.

That’s why she needs a Blushon - Rosebud to fit her sweet and delicate personality.

The fashionista

She’s the go-to person when you want to go shopping! She is always on trend and finds you the hottest outfits that fit you just perfectly. On top of her undeniable good taste in everything, she’s the kind of friend that will always be honest and help you make tough decisions. Her confidence inspires you because she truly believes girls can and do run the world.

That’s why she needs TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon - Monroe to fit her forever stylish and confident personality.