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Annabelle Cosmetic is proud to welcome Nyakim Gatwech as the new face of its Fall 2018 collection. The Sudanese-American model and activist will be the new face of the EDGE collection. Her bold personality and her message of self-love and empowerment perfectly embody the essence of the collection.

Who is Nyakim? 

Gatwech is known for her naturally dark skin colour. Nicknamed the Queen of the Dark, the 25 year old has dedicated her career to shattering traditional beauty standards. Though she has admitted the thought of lightening her skin crossed her mind a few years ago, she became comfortable in her own skin, and that comfort turned into confidence. Now boasting over 300,000 Instagram followers, Nyakim feels it’s her duty to be a pillar of inspiration for women who still struggle with body-positivity. Her mission: help women embrace the skin they’re in and educate about racism and discrimination.

« I am beautiful the way I am. I don’t need life to be easy. » - Nyakim Gatwech

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