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Colour Heritage

Annabelle® Cosmetics is the beauty destination for trendy colours, innovative and bold sophiticated technologies for every season. A creative and versatile brand that has the power of seduction with all women and particularly those ranging between 16 to 24 years. It offers the widest selection of lipliners and eyeliners in drugstores in the country, making it the national leader in this category. The choice of colours and variety of its products meets a wide range of consumers, and particularly kohl junkies. This is also the bestselling item of the brand.

45 years of history

Annabelle® Cosmetics was introduced in August 1967 by Montreal businessman, Morrie Cohen.  The brand was given its name after his mother-in-law Annabel. Recognized as a “house of colour” the brand has always offered its consumers a wide range of products. In 1999, it was acquired by Groupe Marcelle Inc., which also holds the Marcelle Hypo-Allergenic and Perfume-Free brand. A great pioneer, Annabelle® was one of the first Canadian brands to work with bloggers, having its own beauty and trend blog and is today staking its claim on social networks as one of the most affordable brands to its consumers.